The Sweetest Tiers Standard Silk Screen Frame

The Sweetest Tiers Standard Silk Screen Frame

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These professionally stretched acrylic silk screen frames are made exclusively for and attach directly to your Sweet Stencil Holder.
Using a silk screen will help eliminate under-spray when using an airbrush with your stencil.

The silk screen frame can be used in 2 ways: On top of your existing cookie stencils to prevent over-spray/under-spray giving more control or; You can apply your non-permanent adhesive silk screen stencil directly to the mesh.

Made with the finest quality polyester screen mesh and adhesives, this screen will last indefinitely with the proper treatment and care. Some food colours /air brush colours may stain the mesh so it is very important to hand wash immediately after use with warm soapy water and allow to air dry.

DO NOT use hot water as it can damage both the acrylic and magnets.
DO NOT leave immersed in water.
DO NOT use Glass cleaner, Alcohol or Acetone to clean.



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